Prostate Action website

02 March 2011

Prostate Action

A new website for this charity, formed by the merger of Prostate UK and the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation.

At UK Prostate Link, we are grateful to the support we received from both charities over the years.  We are delighted that Prostate Action will continue to support UK Prostate Link through financial backing and representation on the Steering Group.

We have appraised their new website and upload their assessments to the site on 15th March.  The new design marks a significant improvement in the usability of the website compared with the old Prostate UK and PCRF sites.  The main area where the site lost marks compared with some others was in the absence of a clear statement of editorial policy and content management procedures. 

28 new pages of content have been added, including pages on:

You can also get a full listing of Prostate Action content that has been appraised for UK Prostate Link

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