signpost iconHigh-intensity focused ultrasound for prostate cancer - information for people considering the procedure, and for the public

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Information for people considering high-intensity focused ultrsound for prostate cancer.

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Discusses: High-intensity focused ultrasound for prostate cancer, What has NICE decided?, What the decision means for you, Further information.

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Reliability comments:

  • Website content is checked by relevant experts.
  • The page was published on 23 March 2005.
  • References are not provided.
  • The methodology used is reported
  • It is clear who has developed the website

Usability comments:

  • The format is clear.
  • PDF.
  • The site search engine retrieves a lot of irrelevant items.
  • Difficult to browse this website


Item Score
Is it clear who has developed the web site and what their objectives are? 3
On the homepage there is NICE's logo and a brief overview of what they do. There is an About Us section for further information relating to them.
Does the site report a robust quality control procedure? 3
The descriptions provided for the technology appraisals and the guidelines involve searching, evaluating and consultation
Is the page content checked by an expert? 2
Website content is checked by relevant experts.
Is the page updated regularly? 0
The page was published on 23 March 2005.
Does the page cite relevant sources where appropriate? 0
References are not provided.
Item Score
Is the site accessible without a login? 3
No registration required.
Does the site conform to web Accessibility standards? 3
Lida score 98%; text-to-speech facilities are supported
Is the site design clear and transparent? 1
The home page is rather cluttered. The background image interferes with reading the text.
Is the site design consistent from one page to another? 2
Site design is consistent except that there are too many different colours used in the menus, making some areas harder to read than others.
Can users find what they need on the site? 1
It is difficult to browse to information relating to prostate cancer. There is no health topic tree on the homepage, and the cancer subsection does not list publications according to cancer type. There is a search facility and results are displayed reasonably well. It is unclear how results are ranked. The site map is not very useful.
Is the format of information clear and appropriate for the audience? 1
The format is clear.
Weighted total (Usability + (Reliability x 2)): 27
We score each question out of three where:
0 = Never or Can't tell
1 = Sometimes or partly
2 = Mostly
3 = Always

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