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A description of chemotherapy and one patient's experience of it.

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Details what type of prostate cancer benefits from this treatment, and why it is not used very much. A link to a video interview with a patient who has received chemotherapy is provided.

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Reliability comments:

  • No references are provided.
  • The content for this website has been checked.
  • A clear statement about who produces Healthtalkonline is provided.

Usability comments:

  • The font size is small.
  • Conforms to web accessibility standards.


Item Score
Is it clear who has developed the web site and what their objectives are? 3
A clear statement about who produces Healthtalkonline is provided.
Does the site report a robust quality control procedure? 2
Unclear whether the Healthtalkonline methodology includes independent review
Is the page content checked by an expert? 2
The content for this website has been checked.
Is the page updated regularly? 2
The page was last reviewed in January 2010.
Does the page cite relevant sources where appropriate? 0
No references are provided.
Item Score
Is the site accessible without a login? 3
No login required
Does the site conform to web Accessibility standards? 1
Lida score 83%
Is the site design clear and transparent? 2
The site design is generally clear, although some sections are confusing.
Is the site design consistent from one page to another? 2
The site is mostly easy to navigate and design is consistent.
Can users find what they need on the site? 2
It is possible to browse to information about prostate cancer or use the search box. Search results are displayed reasonably well.
Is the format of information clear and appropriate for the audience? 1
Rather cramped, and scant information.
Weighted total (Usability + (Reliability x 2)): 29
We score each question out of three where:
0 = Never or Can't tell
1 = Sometimes or partly
2 = Mostly
3 = Always

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