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Bottom Line:

The risk of prostate cancer is about doubled in a man with any affected relative. It may be increased by about three times in men with a brother with prostate cancer.

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A critically appraised topic of a systematic review which examines the relative risk of prostate cancer for men with affected relatives.

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Reliability comments:

  • Cannot tell if the content has been checked by an expert.
  • Cannot tell when the page was last updated.
  • Some relevant sources are cited.
  • "No strings" sponsorship is declared
  • This electronic journal is not kept up to date.

Usability comments:

  • The format is clear and appropriate for the audience.
  • The menus on the website could be improved


Item Score
Is it clear who has developed the web site and what their objectives are? 3
There is no description on the homepage who has produced Bandolier, but there is an About Us tab clearly displayed which takes the user to information regarding the journal's authors.
Does the site report a robust quality control procedure? 2
Bandolier articles each have a description of methods which involve literature searches and appraising. It is unclear whether independent review takes place.
Is the page content checked by an expert? 1
Cannot tell if the content has been checked by an expert.
Is the page updated regularly? 0
Cannot tell when the page was last updated.
Does the page cite relevant sources where appropriate? 1
Some relevant sources are cited.
Item Score
Is the site accessible without a login? 3
No registration required.
Does the site conform to web Accessibility standards? 3
Lida score 93%
Is the site design clear and transparent? 2
The homepage is well presented and the horizontal tabs help users to quickly navigate the website. The sub menu beneath the horizontal tabs is not very clear and the purpose of the vertical right side menu is confusing. The web pages are well laid out.
Is the site design consistent from one page to another? 3
Yes, the site design is consistent from one web page to another.
Can users find what they need on the site? 2
Users can browse to find their topic area using the Knowledge Library Link or by clicking on the Bandolier Journal tab. It would be easier if there was a menu with a list of topics on the homepage. The website also has a search facility. Search results appear to be ranked by relevance, but it is not clear how relevance is decided.
Is the format of information clear and appropriate for the audience? 3
The format is clear and appropriate for the audience.
Weighted total (Usability + (Reliability x 2)): 30
We score each question out of three where:
0 = Never or Can't tell
1 = Sometimes or partly
2 = Mostly
3 = Always

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