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The exact causes of prostate cancer are unknown. However research indicates that there may be a link between prostate cancer and diet and environmental factors.

Publication details:

The Human Biomonitoring and Carcinogen Activation Team are currently investigating the capacity of the prostate gland to activate and detoxify environmental carcinogens that might be involved in the development of the disease.

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Reliability comments:

  • Cannot tell if the page has been checked by an expert.
  • Cannot tell if the page has been updated recently.
  • The page does not cite relevant sources, but contains a links to other relevant information.
  • It is clear who has developed the website
  • An editorial policy for the website is required

Usability comments:

  • The format is clear.
  • The website conforms to web accessibility standards
  • Website design is transparent


Item Score
Is it clear who has developed the web site and what their objectives are? 3
At the very bottom of the website it explains that Everyman is an Institute of Cancer Research campaign. There is also a link to About Everyman on the homepage which describes the main aims of the campaign.
Does the site report a robust quality control procedure? 0
There is no indication of how information is produced.
Is the page content checked by an expert? 0
Cannot tell if the content has been checked by an expert.
Is the page updated regularly? 0
Cannot tell if the page has been updated regularly.
Does the page cite relevant sources where appropriate? 1
The page does not cite relevant sources, but does contain links to other relevant information.
Item Score
Is the site accessible without a login? 3
No registration required.
Does the site conform to web Accessibility standards? 3
Lida score 100%
Is the site design clear and transparent? 3
The site design is clear and transparent.
Is the site design consistent from one page to another? 3
The layout of some webpages does change.
Can users find what they need on the site? 3
It is possible to browse to information about prostate cancer as long as you can read the main menu. There is now a search box. The site map is clear.
Is the format of information clear and appropriate for the audience? 2
The format used is clear and appropriate.
Weighted total (Usability + (Reliability x 2)): 25
We score each question out of three where:
0 = Never or Can't tell
1 = Sometimes or partly
2 = Mostly
3 = Always

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